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Like any ambitious project that is undertaken in our day, we have studied over duration the various technical and scientific advances that are necessary for optimal functioning of our precious livestock. At all times we have taken into account that this is a competitive market both within and outside our borders. To apply this we have given Yeguada Salvatella all the necessary facilities to apply these advances.

We have two dressage arenas in which we can train our horses. One indoor and one International sized outdoor. There is a round pen for starting off the young horses and a horse walker with places for six horses allowing us to exercise as many possible. There is substantial stabling for over one hundred and forty horses.

We have a warehouse sized 2200m² for storing alfalfa, hay and straw grown and baled from our very own meadows. The feed mill prepares feed each day ensuring it is fresh and in doing so will not lose any nutritional value. This guaranties our horses receive the highest quality diet and care possible


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